GIG was founded by Marcelo Galvao. Marcelo is a native of Brazil and has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sports Management. He has been very involved in sports particularly in soccer where he holds Professional Coaching licenses from different continents and was very active as an athlete.

He has provided consulting and assisted on business development in various fronts of sports, business and served with various charitable organizations. He has worked with individuals, private organizations and governments. From his native Brazil to the United States, Marcelo has enjoyed working in various continents including Africa, Europe and Asia.

One of his greatest passions and goals is to leave a positive legacy as well as make his life count.

"It is very easy to take things, people and life for granted. I feel we need to be proactive and we often do not act on what we know is right or what our calling is. That is not the legacy I personally want to leave behind. I truly believe we need to use our skills and abilities to a higher purpose and to make a difference in people's lives through whatever careers we have."
Marcelo Galvao, CEO GIG and All Nations Sports Academy